"My son's father and I hired Sophie to help with a very complex case involving our son.  Although we continued to feel confident, we knew it was an uphill battle Sophie would be fighting. Thanks to her perseverance and hard work on our son’s behalf, she prepared a case that resulted in a not guilty verdict by the jury. Sophie’s strength is her knowledge of case law which was imperative in presenting facts to the jury.  We are grateful beyond words to Sophie and her team for the outcome of not guilty."

Trial Results:

State v. R.T. (2017)

Charges: Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer using a Deadly Weapon/Dangerous Instrument, a class 2 dangerous felony

Sentencing Exposure: mandatory prison sentence of approximately 18-36 years

Result: Jury Verdict of Not Guilty

State v. A.M. (2016)

Charges: Theft, Resisting Arrest, four counts of DUI

Result: Jury Verdict of Not Guilty on Theft and four Counts of DUI


Appellate Results

State v. Anthony Bernard Primous (2017)

Result: Conviction and Sentence Vacated

Ms. Bidwill co-authored an amicus brief submitted on behalf of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the ACLU in support of Mr. Primous' appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court. The issue on appeal was whether police can frisk or pat down an individual solely based on environmental factors outside of his control, including his presence in a dangerous neighborhood and close proximity to other individuals suspected or engaged in criminal activity.

The Arizona Supreme Court opinion can be found here: http://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/0/OpinionFiles/Supreme/2017/CR160205PR.pdf


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