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The impact of criminal charges on a person's life can be devastating...

Those who have never been accused of a crime likely do not realize what a huge impact criminal charges can have on a person's life. The charges require a person to appear in court and take time off of work. For those without reliable transportation of their own, it can be difficult to get to court and may require getting on a bus as 5am just to make it to court at 8:30am. Some will lose their jobs as a result of being charged with a crime. Some will be held in custody on a bond they can't afford. If they are lucky, they have family members and friends who scrounge together enough money to get the person out while they proceed through the criminal justice process. Others still are held without bond, facing the next few months of their lives in custody at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous jails. The only contact they will have with family and friends is seeing them at court dates, without being able to wave or smile at them. Family and friends are not permitted to visit the person in jail - all contact is now done through video visitation which is costly and requires a computer. What is more, the conversations are recorded and can be used against the person by the State.

Being charged with a crime is an awful experience - and the best thing a person and their families and friends can do is ensure that they have an attorney who will fight for them, explain to them what is happening and what might happen, and advise them with their best interests at heart.]FOR IN-CUSTODY CALLERS: All in-custody callers must call on specifically desginated phone nuare not monitored by Sheriff's Office or the State in order to ensure client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege.