New Phoenix Police Immigration Procedures Adopted

The Phoenix Police Department recently revised its procedures related to immigration, including restrictions on when Phoenix officers may ask about immigration status and contact ICE. The changes prohibit officers from:

  • Asking about immigration status or contacting ICE while on school grounds
  • Asking individuals during consensual encounters about their immigration status
  • Asking victims or witnesses of crimes about their immigration status
  • Asking passengers to provide ID in order to verify immigration status
  • Extending a traffic stop to verify immigration status beyond the time necessary to resolve the original purpose of the stop (such as issuing a speeding ticket)

Jeri Williams, the Phoenix Police Chief issued this statement together with the new policy:

"The Phoenix Police Department respects the dignity of all persons and recognizes the sanctity of human life, rights and liberty. We are committed to protecting and serving every member of our diverse community and ensuring that crime victims and witnesses feel comfortable and confident when reporting crimes to our officers. As your chief, I commit to you that racial profiling will not be tolerated.  We will continue to ensure everyone's safety by continuing our crime suppression efforts and focusing on crimes that most affect our local community. As always, we will be guided by state law which dictates our responsibilities when dealing with arrested people."

New Phoenix Police Procedures on Immigration

Redlined version of the proposed changes to Phoenix Police Procedures on Immigration (Note: this version was not adopted in full, but it is useful in seeing what portions of the former procedures were changed or stricken entirely)